Virtual maze used in studies of Navigation and Wayfinding.
Credit: Liz Chrastil


 About ReCVEB

The Research Center for Virtual Environments and Behavior (ReCVEB) at UCSB was founded in the 1990's through the vision of James Blascovich and Jack Loomis to create a pioneering facility for the use of virtual environments in psychological research. Today, the lab includes a 30-by-30 foot open room and a tracking system which allow for experiments within fully immersive walking VR environments. Immersive virtual environment technology allows one to place ambulatory individuals within illusory contexts, simulating physical and social environments completely controlled by researchers. The center facilitates the development of virtual-environment based research methods relevant to the scientific study of human behavior and the advancement of the capabilities and effectiveness of virtual environment technology. As a multidisciplinary research center, RECVEB combines the talents of researchers in a variety of disciplines and offers a unique environment for conducting research through the use of state-of-the-art immersive virtual environment technology.